Work, Something You Enjoy

IMG_3700If you don’t work, you don’t eat. Most people know this because only 10% of us enjoy going to work everyday.

Let’s think for a moment about the coffee you are sipping, the car you ride to work in or the train conductor who takes you, the floor of your apartment, the mouthwash that you swirl in your mouth, the birth control that you swallow at 8:50 AM daily, the cavity that you are having filled, the used couch that you just bought, the A/C that is making it bearable to sleep in your apartment on the 11th floor. All the stuff we have and all of the tools we use are made by workers, 90% of whom aren’t happy when they are making or doing something for you—a faceless, nameless person. Are you with me?

How dedicated are these unsatisfied workers to delivering products or services with integrity? On one side there are the Chicago public library workers who glare at you when you smile and ask them about their day. On the other hand, customer service representatives from ComEd cheerfully answer the call. Some people simply do a good job because they want to keep their job or they want the same courtesy to them when they receive a service or pick up a product. Will you get the 3 AM partier, the woman mourning her husband’s death, the completely sane one, or the one PMSing? You never really know.

The reality is, how much trust do you put in your fellow working Americans?

Yes, we do have social channels to share our business experiences, and we do have investigative journalism and the FDA, and the EPA and the Clean Water Act, etc. along with cameras and audio recordings. Dateline did a whole report on the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of fast food restaurants, for example, and these companies are still booming.

The Rise of Entrepreneurs

There is hope. There is a major shift happening in the work world and it’s a positive one.

Start-ups and small businesses have started blossoming. These businesses have the challenge of gaining funding and proving themselves by consistently doing a good job. There is no system or committee to blame things on—it’s just them and the core people they hire. There is a lot of pressure, but there are also many intrinsic and extrinsic rewards beginning with seeing their ideas to fruition. These people are dedicated and motivated and most likely part of that 10% of workers who enjoy going to work daily.

You don’t have to have ideas or be an entrepreneur to be happy at work. Miley Cyrus admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that she hired her biggest fan to help promote her. Can you imagine the pride and enthusiasm she brings to her job everyday?

Work is Good 

Work was here before The Fall, meaning that it is something that we were made to do. After The Fall, work became laborious and difficult, but we were still made to do it and most importantly, it’s still good.

We are all on a path of discovery, trying to find what we like to do and what we are good at. What would it take for you to be happy to go to work everyday—for you to have pleasure and pride in what you do?

What would it take you to smile at work today (other than the fact that it is Friday) ?

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