Swag: Swagoo

Everyone’s getting their swag on, and by everyone I mean the cute teens, Justin Bieber’s “swaggie” to the knighted bad boys, Kanye West’s “Swagoo.” While there are a collection of songs with “swag” in the title, I opted to present you with songs that seamlessly sprinkled some “sawgoo” in their jingle. The round-up of songs that rap swag are below.

Swag: (SLANG)

While swag is associated with hop hop and being cool, it also goes up the ranks to priests.

Beyonce “Party” 

Justin Bieber “Boyfriend”

T.I. “Swagger Like Us”

50 cent had swag for awhile. See “I got Swag”

People are trying to copy Fergie’s swagger in Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”

Lil Wayne owns the swag supermarket in Drake’s “Uptown”

Men like Bow Wow and Omarion like their women with swag in “Can’t Get Tired of Me”

In a jam comparable to the talent in both beat and lyrics of the “Twitter Song,” Trey Songz drops a line about swag in “LOL”

Madonna “Give me all your LUV”

There’s sag is Fab’s swag in “Make me Better”

Swag has dripped from the exclusivity of hard core rap to the pop beats of today. Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Mike Posner have all dropped a line on the matter. Which artist do you think has the most swag?

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  1. I came here hunting something else, but this inspired me regardless. Enthusing stuff!

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