Music: What about the unlovable

Today, I am just thinking:  Mr. Flo rida, nobody wants to blow your whistle. J. Cole, we only want to give you headaches especially after your awful “Workout” video. Trey Songz, you might have invented sex. Usher you are not the only one who can reach falsetto  Frank Ocean, you have outsexed Usher with your single, “Thinking about You.”

After tormenting myself listening to the radio and finding nothing good on, I realized that music is awful and a discrimination against single people. Everything on the radio relates to love and failed relationships. What are the people who don’t have crushes supposed to listen to, the people who have never held anyone tightly or cried themselves to sleep…not everyone enjoys classical or instrumental jazz. Music is so powerful because it is relate-able.

Well, musicians, I can no longer relate to your music. I am not running into anyone’s arms like Drano  or opening up my mac book and putting you on my lap. My heart is not a stereo that beats for you, and I don’t really need a wish right now.

So please tell me why my car is in the front yard, and I’m sleeping with my clothes on, I came in through the window last night and you’re gone.

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