I want a guy to hang out with at normal times.

You meet this cute boy at the market and exchange digits. He says, “he wants to get to know you better.” That’s great, but then you get a follow-up text at midnight.  What happened to normal hours?

Clubs close at 2 am. The grocery store even earlier. Are we going to spend our first time together whispering in your room like we are in the library hoping not to be reprimanded?

I know you want to talk, but why can’t we do that during normal hours? I know college kids get no sleep and stay up really late, but I am different. I need advanced notice. I need a reason why I am staying out this late. Are we going to a club? Okay. A house party?  Fine. Are we going to have a Harry Potter marathon? That’s a legitimate reason.

But at midnight, you text, “What are you doing tonight?” I already did it. I took my test. I hung out with my friends. I am in my pj’s smelling minty fresh.

This is the second guy who asked me this. Does nobody ask girls out for dinner anymore? I know dinner can be expensive, but there are other things we could do…. I just don’t understand.

*This is an adaptation from a legitimate conversation.

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