The Art of Conversation

I am simply going to say it. I miss body language. I miss fresh vanilla scents, hand shakes and hugs, laughter, and dialogue. I miss the flow of conversations—not this chopped up every 5 minutes “yes” or “what’s new?” automated text.

Grateful as I am to my social media outlets, I feel barred. I believe that people were made to go out into the world and communicate and bounce ideas off of each other and converse, not just link. There are too many linking logs, but no cabin.

This past Tuesday, I finally took the plunge and met a business man for coffee. We spent three hours in Starbucks doing what should be done in a social hub. It was the best cup of coffee I had because for once I didn’t sip and tweet and link; I connected.

So, I ask you, how many of your contacts would recognize the sound of your voice?

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